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My art

My art is predominantly figurative and often has a reference to the Mediterranean, reflecting my Italian roots. The sea is a recurring subject in my paintings, not only for its aesthetic value, but as a primordial element that refers to the origin of life. It is also at the center of contemporary social issues like human trafficking and migration and, also, environmental problems. These issues concern me and inform my work as an artist with a background in social and political science.

Through my paintings, I try to address the contradictions of reality, which can often be bitter or sweet, depending on the point of view of those who experience it.

I like playing with colors, as if they were personal lenses through which reality can be filtered. The core of my work is the search for harmonization and beauty, even with contrasts (instinctive/rational, peace/war, joy/sorrow). The filter of color stands for the fact that reality can never be interpreted in a totally objective way, which does not make it any less authentic.

Stylistically, I take my cue from the Italian art movement of the Macchiaioli, whose large patches of color can be read as the starting point of later studies on light from Impressionism through to digital art.

I mostly work with oil paint on canvas but love experimenting with other media. I prefer working with a palette knife because it enables me to mix organic and artificial colors and to create works that are rich in texture and density.

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